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Friday, 26 May 2017

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City: Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
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Contact name Headmaster C

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OK, let's see if I can pique some interest here...

Looking for a girl with a secret desire to be spanked, or to live out a fantasy of being sent for corporal punishment.

I'm a 40 year old seasoned and strict disciplinarian, with a no-nonsense headmaster type demeanor. There's nothing I like more than to lecture a naughty girl on her misbehaviors, watch her squirm as her behavior is laid bare, and then see her cheeks blush as she's told in no uncertain terms what the consequences will be. Corner time, the anticipation of the pain and embarrassment that's to come, undressing, the shame of standing naked awaiting punishment, the sting of the strap, paddle, birch or cane, the gritting of teeth as the pain builds, the feeling that you can't take any more but you just have to, the counting down of the last few strokes and the relief that it's all over. All of this has such a powerful effect on both the girl I'm punishing and myself that it's addictive as hell for both of us.

Now let's see if I can mix that with my other passion - one for travel and for luxury hotels with deep soaking tubs, quiet understated rooms and lots of space to play in style and comfort.

Here's my offer. If you are a female 18-45 who is in need of a disciplinarian, preferably on a regular basis (but one-off punishments to fix some behavior or to satisfy curiosity are fine too) and who would like to experience this in a luxurious, comfortable, formal setting, then let's talk.

We'll chat first online, either via Skype or just via email, and if we click and (most importantly) you like what I describe what will happen to you, we'll setup your first punishment.

I'll book a luxurious room at a top hotel in Canberra or Sydney (I like to play at really nice places and are frequently in both cities) and arrange an appointment for you. At the appointed time, you will knock at the door. I'll open it as your suited, formal disciplinarian, headmaster or principal. You'll have a brief punishment referral note ready, outlining what you've done that caused you to be sent to me, and will hand it over. I'll take a look and will most likely send you to the corner to wait until I'm ready to deal with you.

When I'm ready you'll be told to come forward, and will be lectured on your behavior. Expect a long, intense lecture that will have you blushing in embarrassment and trembling in anticipation of your punishment.

By the time that you're actually ready for your discipline you'll be a trembling mess, and the instruction to remove your clothing and assume the position for your spanking, caning, paddling, birching or whatever I've decided you've earned will almost be a relief.

My punishments are strict, embarrassing and painful. Mostly you'll be punished on your bare bottom with traditional English style punishment implements, but I'm not adverse to making the punishment fit the crime, so if it's masturbation, sex or similar that you're to be punished for, then you can expect your more intimate areas to be disciplined too.

However, the key for me is formality and balance. You'll never hear me raise my voice, you'll never be restrained, tied or held down or forced into any situation. I expect you to take your punishment as a good girl and if you're unable to do so, it will simply result in either a longer punishment or you being required to coming back for more discipline sooner than you would have otherwise.

Punishment-wise, I love anticipation, seeing the embarrassment of you having to undress for your punishment, the look on your face as you feel the first stroke, the fear as you hear the cane swishing in the air before your first stroke, the shame of you having to bare your most intimate areas for punishments that fit your behavior. I hate bruises - they're a sign that I haven't punished you properly. A bright red bottom, light welts from the cane and some red spider web type marks from the birch are all good. To me a proper, sane punishment is one that stings like hell, fades to a sore but satisfying glow in the hours afterwards, is there to remind you of your punishment when you sit down for a few days afterwards, and is completely gone in a week. I also believe that the shame of a punishment lasts in your mind after the memory of the pain fades, so expect to be punished while undressed, or on some of your more sensitive and private areas should your behavior warrant it.

Role-wise, I'm your English style headmaster, your formal disciplinarian etc.

Fantasy-wise, I'm all about strict but sane punishments. I never hold a girl down or tie her up - a very important part of your punishment is pushing yourself to accept what's coming to you with dignity and courage and that means assuming the position unassisted. I'm into lectures, embarrassment, anticipation, spanking, paddles, straps, canes, birches and the like. I'm most definitely not into bondage, BSDM, latex, rubber or such. Not that I look down on those, they're just not my cup of tea.

Once your punishment is done and you've taken it bravely, I'll be there to hold you, tell you what a good girl you've been and bring you back to earth gently. Sex is strictly optional - I typically don't like to mix sex with punishments, but I have been known to break this rule if there's a particularly strong click between us and we both feel it after the punishment is done. It's certainly not something I expect from ladies I discipline.

One of the best thing about this arrangement is that you have a fantastically comfortable place to unwind after your discipline is over. Take a long, soaking bath... Take a nap on a softer than soft bed... Order room service and indulge yourself while I rub cream on your sore bottom. Once you've taken your punishment bravely, it's up to you what happens. I can stay or go, your choice!

Let's see if this experiment in mixing the sensuous with the severe works! If this sounds even remotely interesting, please drop me a line and let's see if we can mix some luxury with our fantasies.

Feel free to reply via this site, or directly at "caneherbottom" at ""

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